Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Computers Used To Be Sexy, What the Hell Happened

Computers used to look good. And its about time we revolt. Computers had that 2001 high end keyboard (not junk today) with a slighly sloped back screen. This sexy design is epitomized by the glorious HP 87 which someday I will rebuild with modern guts. Hilarious they had big book size ROM plates for the back, four of them, just like a HP41cv's tinly little matchbook rom insertables.

But enough with the talking, on with the computer porn.

p.s. I love how they have to spell out 16 bit "word length" they never say that anymore. I bet most people when they get their 64bit cell phones have not a clue what that means.

And of course this Philco shows what people can accomplish when they try to make computers human again:

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