Friday, May 15, 2015

Giants in South America and the Grand Canyon, and Giant Heads in Egypt and Peru

Let me roll off some pictures first then let's get to the analysis:

OK so what is going on? 

I have two theories. First, is that earths oxygen levels are decreasing as our society builds and populates. 

The idea is that go back 4000 to even 400 years and there is much more oxygen to support larger scales of humans.  But somehow, I'm not quite sure that's it. 

Instead abiding by the precession cataclysm theory, It may be that small numbers of the prior-cycle survived in the pyramids but it wouldn't have been a great many. Perhaps 100 in egypt and 100 in Peru.  And they and their children would have the giant skulls of super intelligence. Now moderns are going to argue it is simply flat plates smashing the skull as children like the highland indians did, but a simple look confirms that they do not have this frontal face angle and flatness like the indians at all neither does that technique account for volume. No these people would have been very bright compared to modern humans. Able to remember everything and to learn at an astounding pace. One of their six year olds would best most of our adult population. 

The egyptian headdress evolved to hide the heads from the people. But the people still knew. And this has evolved into the pope's hat which yes resembles the Miter of Dogon the fish god but that goes back to a copy of the EGYPTIANS who did it first. The fact that Nefirtiri was a long skull and so well known and so perhaps too was Tut although to a lesser degree being several generations from the surviving pure genetic long skulls. 

OK now look at Nefirtiti, even MORE elongation

And finally, an original long skull for comparison which is even more pronounced

Well if this is true, then what about Akhenaten's skull? Yep it's elongated as well.

Madame Blavatsky leaves us with chilling words - "The giants of old are old are all buried under the ocean, and hundreds of thousands of years of constant friction by water would reduce to dust and pulverize a brazen, far more a human skeleton"

These descendents of descendents of the long skull race, the ruling race from the last precession cycle, Have at their origin an even that ocurred around 20,000 years ago. The time of the death of the Atlantean races and societies. Mankind would have to start again save for the secret knowlege from those who hid and sheltered in the pyramids, knowledge of immense secret and the biggest secret of all, how to survive the year long high radiation Shamash period when there are 2 suns in the sky. What does it all mean? What is the date of the end of our cycle? Perhaps in 5,000 years. But we have built so much attained so much this time, surely even the biggest cataclysm cannot erase all of our skyscrapers from the earth. And yet, perhaps its gods hand, crumbling all we thought was such a big deal such a tower of babel only to have the cataclysm sweep it all away like a pile of dust. One wonders if we dig deep enough, if we might just not uncover, the tip of the empire state building from the last civilization of man. A big guess as to why this has not occurred is that if the poles shifted or the exosphere rotated (a radical thought I know) then all of this civilization lies ten miles beneath the ice caps of antartica. We do not possess the technologies to explore there. Not easily.  But we should continue to do core analysis from deep drilling in that area and see if we discover traces of high order metals and alloys which indicate something down there of a tremendous advance. 

The bigger question is why do modern academics scoff at all of this. It's as if each is too concerned with being ridiculed and none are brave. Surely one academic must be excited to take this up formally. Why do we cover up evidence which throughout history our greatest writers and thinkers took up and declared to be true over and over. Blavatsky again reminds us:

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