Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Trump Card for the GOP?

As DonaldJ Trump approached the GOP warhammer with victory after victory one has to ask, will the GOP really steal the election and let Hillary win? Just to preserve their inside commanders rule over the earth?

We can learn a lot from C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In the book, the lion, the all powerful Aslan (Trump) is heard and seen in brief flashes, and only by the innocent and pure of heart, but he is a shadow, without power until people believe in him and call for him. The witch (Hillary) rules by deception and corrupting the true kings and queens of Narnia (the other candidates) by addicting them to turkish delight (promises of GOP riches for going along with the slave masters). The Wardrobe, the secret doorway of transition between lands, is the path the voters must take from unreality zombiefied unfree America to the place where the real fight must take place - Narnia and the GOP Convention. If enough Kings and Queens of Narnia recognize their true royalty (we are sovereign citizens and they CANNOT steal our birthright without our consent) then we can amass true armies against them. In the end many battles must be fought before we can even FACE the ice queen Hillary, we must earn that right. And as we speak, the GOP is laughing and cackling tying Aslan to the stone table, binding him by stealing his delegates away by hook and crook so he cannot get enough to stand against the queen.

The path forward will require direct honesty, bravery, and overcoming our addictions to what the queen offers - Welfare, Disability payments, and get out of jail free for our criminal raping illegal alien invaders. We have to dismantle the H-1B system that humiliates and disgraces our best and brightest with unemployment or worse being forced to be servile to the new imported masters. In the end all the humiliations have to be fought off - the federal "private" bank that prints money out of thin air and gives it to the government as a "loan", taxation without representation, Home owners association rules and property taxes taking away our right to private property, and a supreme court mandating we purchase goods from private corporations which have little value and high prices (obamacare) which is nothing but a siphon of our money to illegal invaders and useless ruffians who feed on the welfare system with method and collusion to defraud it of as much money as possible.

Let's talk for a second about the H-1B program to understand just how bad things are. 265,000 visas are awarded each year to foreign workers, mostly with fake degrees and fake resumes. There are zero new jobs, so its a 100% replacement program, American workers get the gutter, the foreigners get the jobs. It is so forbidden to speak about in the media, that the recent article mentioning Disney's abuses simply called it "a guest worker program". Which is laughable because it's classified as a non-immigrant visa, roughly 50% go on to get green cards then citizenship. So answer me this, if there are roughly four million technology jobs in America, and we've brought in roughly four million people on this visa, what is the unemployment rate for the America worker? With no union to speak up, the American engineers have been flayed and humiliated. That is what America is doing - creating a place where the best and brightest flee. A brain drain has already started and as American's wake up, and find other options,

We have been forced into a two rule system, where the cheats and invaders are rewarded, even let out of jail free after crimes, while the citizens are forced to march in straight lines and sent up the river for the tiniest of infraction, or bankrupted by hospitals who must somehow fund all the free medical care for the invaders and africanized gene emergency room visits for gunfights to "keep it real".

Before we win those fights, first we must learn to fight, as the children of Narnia have to. In the book they transform from meek children to fierce warriors. And we must show no fear when the armies of the dark attack our legions. Our response must be fierce. NO ONE shall infringe on our freedoms. Not by bullying nor by violence. Swords will be met with swords and arrows with arrows. Not cowering in the dark.

In the end, the great battle must be allowed to take place, not the execution of our lion on a stone table, but instead, the fiercest battle of all time, the battle for America itself, which we will have to fight so hard to even be allowed to have that chance, will occur. The Ice Queen is very powerful. She has many evil kinds of magic at her disposal. The electronic voting machines in Ohio and a dozen other states will be rigged and give her all the votes. The counting of delegate votes will be done in private and magical numbers will appear even when the one voter in a county votes Trump it will say someone else. And they will laugh and laugh. And the media will not even show Trump winning. At least unlike the complete lies they broadcasted about Ron Paul (declaring him 4th or 2nd when he won!) they will have a hard time doing the same thing this time around. More are behind Trump and more are watching carefully. We believe in our lion. His hair once laughable is now a mane of courage. His will strong enough to call the will of all the other creatures of good to stand beside us. And in the end, after many hard days, there will be victory.

And america will be taken back from the halls of people who have sex with pigs and goats and little children, and true americans will take their place, and a true America FOR AMERICANS will rebirth, the statue of liberty will have that foul poem of the colossus removed once and for all and her true meaning will be restored. We are the light of Liberty for the world. Not a place for invaders, tired, weary, and raping. Not for drunk driving illegals to crash into and kill beautiful families and then flee the scene because they have countless false identies all accepted by our banks and federal systems without nary a one being charged with identify fraud or falsification of documents or perjury of oath as an American would. We need no trucks to turn these people around. Just turn off their documents, their bank accounts, their free 6,500 a year earned income credit, their $2,000 a month babysitting fees for not babysitting, their free housing, their unregistered marriages of 14 year old girls to 40 year old men who make 40,000 a year cash pouring concrete or mowing lawns while the wife gets free housing and disability or welfare. They know how to play us. And the Islamic invaders are even worse, they seek to out populate us. Our birth rate is a scant 1.6 births per couple for true Americans. We are being replaced. And the muslims will have 20 children each all on our tax dollars. They now the plan. Remember what they said in Lebanon "Where did all these Muslims come from?" In just sixty years the 500,000 "refugees" they took in became five million and Lebanon is 55% Muslim now. This happens everywhere. They reproduce and reproduce until they have the numbers, then they take over the country. In America, it's already happening in Detroit and Dearborn (Henry Ford's city, now majority Muslim).

There is much that we can simply legislate and enforce, and quickly this will not be the malingerers paradise for them and they will simply leave. Yes it requires putting our federal boot to California and other states, deny them their highway funds if they give illegals licenses. Its all simple with simple solutions, but it requires courage. The left talks about cattle cars and the holocaust. Wait one second, these are illegal invaders. Not citizens. And they will self deport. If we do not only STOP this conquest but reverse it, our prospects are dim. If not Trump, it is time to pack up and leave America or, it is time to fertilize the tree of Liberty. Each of us has to make that personal choice. This will be the second election stolen by hook and crook. Do we sit idly by then?

Trump is not the cowardly lion from the Wizard of OZ, a book which warns of the dangers of trusting in Wizards who take us off the gold standard. No, he is Aslan, that gigantic strong courageous beast, but one that will only appear if we believe in him. Do we believe America? Or do we go back to our cold frozen shadows and say that living under and Ice Queen isn't that bad.

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