Monday, October 10, 2016

The Sumerian Planisphere - ticking away the 26,000 cycle of catyclysm and end times

NINEVEH of SUMER (Ancient Nineveh lay opposite modern Mosul)
The Planisphere of Nineveh, acc. to L.W. King, British Museum, 1912.
Shown below, first without explanation, and then with the decipherment.

The 26,000 year cycle is a time when the earth goes into catyclysm. We don't know for sure what happens. But it is tightly linked to the Shamash, the 3rd sun (sun, moon, shamash) and the interferance pattern seen when two suns near each other.

This is the cycle where every 13,000 years we dip from above to below the plane of our galaxy. It is believed that at that time, a loose binary companion of the sun juts inward to our sun, and the gravitational pulls on our planet causes floods and earthquakes - the end of the world.

The fragmetns of how to track this phenomena (which I wrote about in the Kingdom of Mei series) are found all over the sumerian and akkadian tablets. Most principly the sumerian planisphere tracks it against the orbits of the plane and orion.

The Decipherment - by Andis Kaulins - is in the graphic below.
It is based on a heavens which existed originally in ca. 3300 BC.

 Since this decipherment was first made it has become clear that En.LIL is essentially the MILKY WAY, for the stars of MUL.APIN on the path of EN.LIL, as deciphered elsewhere on this site, are those on the ELLIPSE of the MILKY WAY.
Note the central position played by Orion - as in other ancient Planispheres as well.
Compare the Sumerian planisphere with the  modern Precessional Planisphere
of Milton D. Heifetz from Learning Technologies, set here to 3300 BC.

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