Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Three Stars of the Sippar Tablet and Constantines Coin

The image of the 3 stars of the shamash have continued to be with us and were found on this coin from constantine's tribute, above the symbol of rome, the wolf suckling twins, are three stars. Amazingly, this goes all the way back to the sippar tablet from the 9th century. What is the meaning? At the time of Precession near a time we are approaching, we will have a secondary star appear, and many assume it is a lost binary companion. The intersection between the two stars will be either the moon, or an intersection pattern ala pisces vessica.

Here are some images for thought... The first a miedival zodiac is most interesting because at the center is christ along with the three stars.

One wonders if the Chi Ro key goes all the way back to 9th century BC Akkadian and Sumerian mythos. Here we see a similar version of it on an ancient tablet


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