Saturday, December 27, 2014

6th Century American Flag - the Beit Alfa Synogague Zodiac

The American flag may just be more ancient than you think.

" the spectacular zodiac mosaic uncovered at the ancient 6th century Byzantine period synagogue in Beit Alfa between the Beit She'an and Jezreel Valleys in northern Israel.

The mosiac shows the twelve signs of the zodiac with the name of each in Hebrew.  In the center is a representation of the pagan sun god Helios in a chariot being drawn by four horses.  In the four corners are personifications of the four seasons."

Look carefully. The red, white and blue stripes, followed by white stars on a background of blue. Look familiar?

Now look at the bottom... there, the Chi-Ro, the christian symbol. But this is not a christian drawing. It is proof that the Chi-Ro is not a christian symbol, but a zodialogical symbol, symbol of the galactic and precession cycle of the zodiac.

More interesting is that this is also found in the Hammat Tiberias Synagogue, an ancient synogague on the outskirts of  Tiberias Israel, located near the hot springs just south of the city. The synagogue dates to 286 and 337 CE, when Tiberias was the seat of the Sanhedrin (the ruling council of Jews). 

And what do we find? but the same Helios sun god.... and zodiac, as central. And this depiction, is our christ.

What's going on here!


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