Friday, December 19, 2014

Ten Rules For Entrepreneurs To Live By

So many times people pursue and idea because of money, they want to be part of the BBC (that's Mark Cuban speak for billionaire boys club). And while yes, money and the excitement of being your own boss is great but it will never drive you to suceed. Here are ten thing you should keep in mind when starting a company:

1) Why are you doing it?

You are doing because you really fucking want it to exist. Because you really really want to use it and theres nothing that can do that today.

2) You want to PUSH on the WALLS of REALITY

If its already out there why do it? If its a better mouse trap forget it. The world already has mouse traps and people will just buy the cheap one at home despot

3) When you pitch in the first 30 seconds
   YOU MUST SAY WHAT THE HELL YOU DO.   In the next 30 second say how that changes lives

4) Never worry about lack of ...
Every startup that went on to big success had
   unproven teams
   unproven technology
   unproven markets

Never accept that criticism from anyone

5) You will succeed but you need a first connection / assist

That first tiny bit of help from someone who'se more developed along, either technically, financially, or however, is key.  Google got their 100k check. Other people got a office chair and desk in a place where eventually they'd meet other great people. It's always something.

6) What VCs are really looking for:
 2 guys or gals in a garage
trying to build the product that they themselves want to use

the solo entrepreneur must be make of titanium rocks and shit fire.

7) You should be doing your product because one time you said:
wouldnt it be cool IF!!!!!

8) The first time people see the product their mouths should hang open, then bits of drool, then a big smile that never fades. Otherwise forget it.

9) If you ever believe it when someone says    you suck ... it will become real

10) Your job is to convince 1 person a day that what you are doing is revolutionary

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