Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Java Object Oriented Neural Network - Core Classes

Some early work on JOONN

InputMatrix - handles connecting data into the neural cube. typically at a front layer. Runs with its own scheduled thread

OutputMatrix - handles outputs with different paradigms - FileLogger, Alerter, CubeBridge

Now let's build up a Cube from small to large

     This is the base type and we will have several advanced types
                       hasa Weight
                       hasa Value
                       hasa ThresholdFunction, DecayFunction
                       hasa Algorithm
                       hasa SpikingFunction
                       hasa  InterconnectGrowth function (for creating new synaptic connections)
                       hasa  Chaos function  (to add gradual chaos into the system)
                       hasa  PerformanceStats (how fast is it processing)

                      hasa  Value
                      hasa   64 value MemoryMap
                      hasa   PassingMemoryMap   for propagations
                      hasa    MemoryMapTransferClass  for constructing the outputMap
                      hasa    SpikeInput, SpikeOutput
                      hasa    ConnectionArchitecture (for what other neurons it links to)
                      hasa    ThresholdFunction, DecayFunction
                      hasa     PropagationFunction

      This is used to coordinate between layers of analysis
                    hasa   ReceiveMatrix
                    hasa    DistributeMatrix
                    hasa    SpikeThreshold
                    hasa    value
                    hasa    SpikingFunctino

       One 2d layer of the cube
                   hasa   height, width
                   hasa   InterconnectModel  (soyou dont have to hand wire up thousands of neurons!)
                   hasa   zIndex
                   hasa   neuralMatrix (x,y)
                   hasa   NeuralType  -- initially one class of neuron per layer is themaximumdiversity

                 hasa height, width
                 hasa  LayerList
                 hasa  SpikeArray
                 hasa  InputMatrix, OutputMatrix

             -- This is like a complex data store that is used for advanced recognition or memory.  It unifies partial maps stored in neurons and other HVMs



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