Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book 11 - Descending The Mounting.... the Final stage of Zen Practice

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Descending the Mountain

Descending the Mountain is about the path of the Bodhisaatva, the final path down the mountain after enlightenment has been realized. It discusses the return to the world of illusion and troubled men and how to perfect your own life and find meaning. Gianna Giavelli is a Zen teacher and founder of the Vassar Sangha. She brings unique insights and original wisdom in describing the parable of the mountain and why a BodhiSaatva gets stuck on the mountain. Descending the mountain is about overcoming and entering everyday life and the challenges for a Bodhisaatva in the everyday world. Finding your true passions, creations, love, right livelyhood are all topics she takes on with the Zen spirit. The book introduces several Zen masters and their teachings but not in an introductory way. Instead she gathers key insights and weaves a web along and supporting the path she is taking us. It is an original understanding of Zen and how it can be tasked with our life in the everyday post Satori.

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