Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Going Deeper Than Deep - The New Physics of Space-Time : Thermophasic Physics

We all know the frightening forces unleashed when matter is converted to energy in a fission or fusion reaction. Matter it seems, is simply a very dense packed form of energy.

But there is another mechanism which a destructive bomb can be built and it doesn't release any energy at all. If sufficient energy can be concentrated, the very gravitronic thread of reality can be severed creating a warp in space-time.

Picture the world and everything you see as floating points of light sitting on a delicate silk cloth. Even more, picture them actually woven into the thread of the cloth. Now picture the cloth with a broken thread, unraveling, and each point of light dropping through the thread and extinguishing.Like glass christmas bulbs falling off a tree and shattering.  Welcome to the wonderful world of thermophasic physics.

The bomb would literally be a world devourer and it would be insane to ever use it. All that would be left would be a region of highly unstable gravimetric forces similar to a black hole.

If however, the device could be created on a smaller scale, an army could make an opponents legion of troops simply dissapear.

This technology has some advantages over fusion and fission in that it does not leave a radioactive residue, only gravimetric. and like getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner, people readily learn to steer clear of such areas.

The next question is can such a device actually be created. Have we reached a level of understanding of gravimetric forces and of the fabric of the universe to accomplish such things. The answer like anything is, we do not yet have the knowledge but we have the knowledge of the path to pursue it.

The complexity arises that you cannot use any particle to create such a tear. All particles are subordinate to it. And massive amounts of energy cannot be practically focused or contained. For example we have seen the results of Tsar Bomba and there was a  gravimetric reaction but a small one. The result will come from a new sphere of high energy wave physics. A tear will only result by rapidly phasing an area of space time beyond its limits.

Light we like to say travels in photons, but emits a wave pattern. The wave pattern is not a property of light or photons, but instead is a property of space-time fabric itself. It is the resultant effect of photons drifting through space-time and their resultant clustering and limitations. Picture a surfer riding the ocean waves. The surfer goes up and down. But we do not say that the motion is the direct property of the surfer. So also it is with light. So we have some information to begin the investigation. One approach would be to see if we could alter the wave effect of light by inducing phase on space time in the same area. Since light has no mass, technically it should impossible to alter it. Only altering space time fabric, like the effect of the bending of light around stars gravimetric force, can alter lights path. But we do not have to simulate a stars mass in order to begin the experiment.

So we are left with a question - what can touch the untouchable. We have a collection of forces in our physics workbench. Is it simply a matter of trying them out? Well no, actually we have no practical ways to simulate most of the forces we encounter at the sub atomic level. We have to look for a phase effect which is occuring as an unexplained side effect in our particle physics. Some extra behaviour which shouldn't be there. That will be the clue we have stumbled ever so slightly on a force that can ripple space time fabric.

Another issue is that the force is likely to be non spatially located. If you assume our lower substrate to be holographic, instead we might get a shimmer like the rays of light out of a diamond, appearing in many places at the same time. Or even, in one place at many times.

There should be non destructive goals in pursuing such research. One of them might be the ability to cancel out gravity by inducing a ripple vibration in the substrate. Gravity, it seems, in deeply induced by the bends in space time, by vibrating the space time continuum gravity may struggle to effect. This would lead to ten year olds being able to carry skyscrapers in the palm of their hands, or flight without effort. And most importantly, travel beyond the stars. All of these are products of understanding deeper what is beneath us, what lattice is below our atomic vibrations.

How do you touch that which cannot be touched. How do you see that which cannot be seen? How do you know about something which is what arises our universe. It will be interesting to see if we make any progress on this in my lifetime.

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