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Episode VII of Star Wars - secret leak preview

Luke Skywalker takes over in Episode VII of Star Wars Saga, Sneak Leaks of Disney's Greatest Movie Ever

It took me many years, almost a lifetime to understand that Darth Vader was the good guy, and really Luke was evil. No, not the reformed mask off dying vader, the powerful suited up black menace Vader.

You see, the federation, aka the Trade Federation, initially allied with the emperor in a fake attack on Naboo. Much like the USA blew up the 911 towers to start a war in Iraq. The Trade Federation did this because? Well to avoid taxes, to loot all the plasma (aka oil in our world) from Naboo, and to ally with Palpatine who would become supreme chancellor.

The Republic, had become like the US Congress, laying taxes upon taxes and regulation upon regulation until the citizens said no more.

Palpatine takes over as Emperorer and divides things up into districts (in our world, Fema regions). Taxes are slashed. Things become efficient. Trade opens up again and Anakin slays the trading big wigs who also were part of the problem with their endless bickering. Now the whole empire was one free trade zone. And with all that they are able to do amazing things.

First off, they are able to assemble star destroyers that are bigger and more incredible than any previous ones. And finally they have such an efficient society that they are able to build massive star destroyers the size of moons.

The rebels are the holdouts from the old ways. They liked the congress and democracy rather than dictatorship of the Emperor. But what if they are the Nancy Pelosi's of the Republic, evil nannies bickering and control monsters wanting nothing more than to take away freedom from the people.

Perhaps America will descend into Empire once there is a strong enough leader to throw out the congress. No not Obama, he is the King of the liberal nellies, it has to come from an opposing force that is sick of their beaurocracy and kleptocratic elitism.

So one has to ask, did Luke fight on the right side? With all these questions, here is my script for Episode VII

------- Star Wars Episode VII : The End of the Sith

The new death star explodes. The rebel forces seize the now confused Galactic Fleet. Luke finally assumes his title as Galactic Commander.

Twenty years has passed. Libertarianism has returned to the Galaxy, not democracy, not the Nancy Peolosi Reid horror, but freedoms for the people. The republic is restored with a constitution. Opening scene is Luke now aged, descending into the vaults on the capital city. He descends deep past many guards. He places he hand on the door and it scans then opens. Inside... his fathers cape and mask.

attendent: are you sure you wish to do this lord skywalker?

luke: yes. today we finish it.

Luke dons his fathers cape, gloves, and carries the helmet in his arm at his side. He is wearing a modified armored breastplate which does not have the life support systems of the original, which also stays in the vault.

Guard: No, that is forbidden, no one can remov.... (gasps as his air is choked off and collapses into the ground)

Luke: This is my inheritance from my father. No one dare deny me again.

Luke walks the length of the star destroyer. Hundreds of white clone troops and fifty red guard stand in respect. None dare move. As he passes all troops bow.

Luke: Is the connection with the Senate ready.

minion: of course  master Skywalker

Luke: Begin

A multi part screen appears and many members of the senate appear.

Luke: I lord Skywalker stand before you to assume the position of Supreme Commander of the Fleet. Do you grant it.

Senator Koplin: It is granted Lord Skywalker. We wish you success in your first battle and your quest. To the senate, please raise your arm in Salute if you agree with the motion - We hereby appoint Luke Skywalker Supreme Commander of all our forces and defenses.

senators: HERE HERE! (arms go up)

slowly Luke puts on Vaders Helmet.

Luke: It is time to destroy those who murdered my mother and stole my father. Begin. Open the ViewPort!

Huge panels pull back revealing a view of the planet Korriban

Attendant on Bridge: Sir, theres a message coming in from the surface

Luke: I'm ready.

HoloMessage: I am Dark Lord Vengence, leader of the Sith. Leave our space or suffer your fate.

Luke: For crimes against my people and my family, the corruption of my father, and the death of my mother, I sentence all of you to ... nothingness. Release the Star Forge.

A huge groaning is heard. Three massive fins rise up from the star destroyer. A huge beam pulses forth. Gravitonic forces slurp up the whole planet and a steady stream of star destroyers is created next to Skywalkers ship. Forty are produced.

Luke: Send the forces to man the new ships. Be sure to have the priests cast out the dark spirits first.

attendent: It will be done lord Skywalker.

Luke: Plot a course for the remaining sith planets. We will absorb them all without warning or discourse. What is the projected time to complete our task?

attendent: 147 worlds, the course is plotted. It will take us two months.

Luke: We will have too many ships. Reprogram a new star destroyer ten times bigger, and equip each of them with a star forge. Convert each planet to 3 major destroyers and 20 regular emperor class destroyers. That will restore our fleet against any force.

Luke removes the helmet and places it in a special secure bay on the deck of the ship.

Luke to himself: My father I have avenged you.

Luke in his quarters. Tired. An alarm goes off

Luke: YES?

Phone: Sir, it's the sixth planet off the Esstran sector, the Daluba system. We were in position to fire the star forge and... and...

Luke: And?

Phone: Well it sorta shimmered, and winked out. Gone.

Luke: It's supposed to be gone

Phone: No, thats the thing sir, we never fired. And, well, there was this face that appeared. A woman wrapped in long cloths. Maitreya.

Luke: Maitreya is a myth. Play it back I want to see. (watches. planet winks out. no face is seen)

Phone: But it was there, it was huge, this huge face all covered but the eyes, the eyes... they had such kindness

Luke runs back to the bridge.

Luke: NOOOOOOoooooo (looks like the mad anakin with wild eyes)

The whole bridge staff is now sitting and meditating. All smiling and happy.

Luke: You will stop this. Your minds have been twisted. YOU WILL STOP!

Luke uses the force and crushes the windpipe of a bridge crew member. he keeps smiling happily even as he dies.

luke: UNACCEPTABLE! Guards remove all of them to the brig. Get new crew up here! And find me MAITREYA!

luke on capital city in the senate

Vice Chancellor: It is done! The sith is no more! The sith is no more!

crowd cheers

Luke bows and smiles, happily

Luke: The time of war is OVER the time of prosperity is upon us. We have stationed our star forges near black dwarf stars and they are now producing all the equipment to make every planet energy and food self sufficient, building great buildings, all free to everyone. The sith and their treachery are.... (pause)... no wait.... they are ....

Luke closes eyes. He raises his darth vader gloved hand up... then slowly clenches his fingers. Four members of the senate begin to curl up and gasp for breath.

Luke: That was my fathers way. But this is how I deal with the sith

Luke brings his hand into a fist and smashes it into the podium. the four senators shatter into a thousand shards and are gone.

Luke: I care not for war and I care not to lead you. I go to seek my family and to rebuild now. Until the Jedi forces can be rebuilt, I urge all of you to be safe.

Luke walks out slowly, huge applause "our hero!" "hail skywalker!"

A padma looking female: I hear he destroyed two hundred worlds
Mom: No dear, he is a hero, the sith are gone and wont dare come back
aplf: yes but at what cost. at what price. And what a burden he must carry. he was so innocent before now... now.. I don't know what he is.

------ a dusty planet

four bandit soldiers are circling a high ridge in rough terrain. they have their blasters in hand

bandit leader: Circle thirty six, we have them surrounded. Are you in position

radio: Yes circle seven, just past hobbs run.
bandit leader to team: we will get them now. ATTACK!

the teams run around the rock cropping. Thirty soldiers from the south and twenty from the other side. It is a blind canyon with a open area only forty feet across. In the center, wrapped in long white cloths ... are four children.

Bandit leader: FIRE!!!! Kill the Maitreyan Jadsi !

the troops fire. The children close their eyes and begin to hum. The bullets pass through them. One soldier picks up a huge club like piece of wood and is about to swing. But before he moves a child has moved hyper fast and is now steadying his arm. Others are weaving cloth pieces around the soldiers wrapping them up. A few seconds later they are gone.

Top Leader: Sorry they do something new every time. It's like they are learning more and more ways to counter us. They never were able to absorb blasters before.

Bandit leader: It's Maitreya. she is teaching all the children. Soon there will be too many of them. The only way is to go in in huge numbers. They wont be able to stop an army. Radio ahead. We can have five brigades here in two days.

---- a well lit cave full of children in long strip cloths

Jesom: There were so many this time
Katly (a chic): we always best them. soon they will learn.

a white light appears from one side... maitreya is entering...

Maitreya: No children.... (she humbly shuffles in, bent over a little, she is older but not very old) how many times do I have to tell you we do not learn the force so we can fight. We learn the force so we can be true. Now join me in meditation

they join hands and sit and circle a small statue. You cant make it out from behind. But as the camera pans around... it is an unmistakable face, it is Yoda. As the children hum a low rumble, the face flashes green just for a second. and a smiling yoda is seen, not the serious yoda statue.

--- Lukes Destroyer

Emisary: It's a request for battle battalions, they think they have found this Maitreya.

Luke: I don't care about her, I need to find my lost sister. She was taken away by the sith but I didn't sense her on any of the sith planets. They say they had planned on torturing her but she projected such beauty that they could not and instead she taught them jedi secrets in exchange for them teaching her the powers of healing the dead. For six months I went to every planet and searched her out, but she wasn't on any of them I'm sure of it. Now her trail has run cold and there is this new monster creature to deal with it. Send someone else I'm tired of war games.

Luke closes his eyes. ... "Leeiiaaa...."    "Luke? LUKE!" a reply her voice is heard far away "Leia where are you..." "Luke... LUKE!"  "I lost you in the war but I won't lose you again I am powerful now my powers are supreme. I am the supreme jedi. But you are too far. I must get closer to find you"

Luke gets up. Walks down an pathway on the ship and enters a door. It's a dojo. Many teen kids are there with lightsabers practicing. Luke takes a light saber off each side of his belt and with one in each hand dons gentle blows against each kid in amazingly fast succession. The children bow to their master. There is a row of ceramic spheres. Luke looks at one, clenches his fist, and it shatters inwards. The first kid tries, nothing. a second, again nothing. the oldest one tries and his cracks into six pieces. It's progress. Luke closes his eyes and uses the force and all spheres are back together. he walks out of the room without speaking.

Luke on bridge

Luke: Take us to this dust planet. I will kill Maitreya myself. Get five hundred imperial guard ready. Vibroswords, no blasters.

Emisary Jupe: Five Hundred? We will have to rendezvous with many ships to get all of them.  (looks at luke) errr right away sir.

--- On the dusty planet

the huge swath of red as the imperial guard, trained personally by Luke, stands behind him in perfect columns. In front of them is a massive army of ten thousand hell creatures. And in front of that, is a huge creature, a Hutt.

Gorth Hutt: This is my planet under my control you have no right bringing troops here. Leave before we destroy all of you.

Luke: Really Gorth? Are you quite sure you wish to end up like Jabba?

Gorth Hutt: Jabba was weak. I am a match for your jedi trickery. Your mind tricks wont work on me.

Luke: Who said anything about mind tricks.

Luke puts on the darth vader glove. Even Gorth recognizes it and pulls back in fear. Luke extends his hand at Gorth fingers out... then slowly pulls his fingers in. As he does Gorth pulls in from his middle starting to get sucked into a singleton of nothing.

Gorth: ENOUGH STOP! OF COURSE YOU MAY PASS! OF COURSE YOU ARE WELCOME ON MY PLANET. WELCOME WELCOME. TAKE EVERYTHING YOU WISH!!!! But you are a fool to go after Maitreya, you think your jedi powers are enough? She teaches Jedi.

Luke: I am now stronger than my father ever was.There is no jedi or sith who can stand against me.

Gorth:Do not be so sure human. That will be your downfall.

Luke plods forward and the massive dark army parts like the red sea. A rather nasty Krayt dragon 200 feet long lunges forward at Luke. Everyone gasps and backs away. Luke simply climbs on top and rides it, an army following.

Emisary: What are Kryats doing here? there's no record of them here?
Luke: they are attracted to the force. Something powerful is here there can be no doubt. 

Slowly the red army marched up into the mountains passing narrow cliffs.

soldiers: ROCKS!!!
Luke raised his hand and threw the rocks far away. A test attack no doubt.

kids: Nothing stops them!
other kid: try the crystal

a crystal is pulled out and the child concentrates. Waves of energy ring out. It pierces the mind and the red troops recoil in pain

Luke claps his hands together and in the distance the crystall explodes, and the child collapses. The other children drag the child back to Maitreya. Maitreya gathers up the children and they withdraw to the large open field. Soon Lukes army reaches the cave. He gazes briefly at the statue of Yoda not recognizing it. They follow them out onto the open field until finally it is army against army. maitreya standing in front of a hundred small children. Luke with his hundreds of red guard. The red guard stomp their vibro swords onto the ground and their tips begin to vibrate. The children far off, draw light sabres.

Luke: Huh? Light sabres? That's reserved for Jedi and the sith are no more. WHO ARE YOU! WHY did you steal my planet. Why did you deprive me of the death of the final hell bound sith

Maitreya: Because on that planet was one sith only, and he, he is the teacher of the ressurection, he was my teacher. He is a good man and should not die. He saved my life.

Luke: All sith must die (his eyes glowing red). Luke raises his hand and black lightening bolts spring out at Maitreya. Maitreya rejects them but they strike one of the children who falls over dead. The red soldiers scream and charge forward in attack. The children grab their light sabers and run at them. The two forces about to close the distance on the great field.

But then. there. there in the distance, a small green glow. a small man. no. Yoda. Seeing it, the children at once bow. Luke is confused.

Luke: wait... STOP!(he screams to his soldiers).

there can be no mistake now. It is Yoda. Looking out over at the two armies. Luke runs up to it.

"So Much like your father you are now. Did you forget all I have taught you?"

Yoda turns to Maitreya

"And you, so ashamed of yourself you are, that you wont even tell him who you are?"

Maitreya is placing her palms on the dead child. She pulses and a warm glow descends, and slowly the child gets up. She stands up and walks to Yoda and Luke. Slowly she unraps her long white head wraps, the ones the children emulate. And there, badly scarred and disfigured over much of it... is the glowing face of Leia.

Yoda smiles and fades away

Luke pulls Leia into his arms. "My sister, I have searched and searched after the sith took you I I"

Lei looked onto Luke: "I needed to make sure that my teacher from the sith survived to complete my training in the ressurection skill. It is what our father sought out. Now no jedi will ever be tempted by it again, it is among our skills now"

Luke: Your teach is a sith and must die.

Leia: I will take you to him

Luke and Leia went over to a clearing. A small meak man sat, sipping juice.

Sith: Ahh, my student. I knew this day would come. And who has come to destroy me?

Luke: I am luke skywaker, the sith betrayed my father, and as the most powerful of the jedi, so you must die.

Luke strains and lifts a nearby mountain top up and over on top of the sith lord. Suddenly the moountain top the huge mountain shifts away as if a piece of candy

Leia: Who says you are the most powerful jedi!

leias eyes beam bright white. Her scars are burned off her. The children bow and chant Maitreya.

sith lord: she is neither jedi nor sith, nor both. she is something new. The days of jedi and sith and fighting are over. It is my time to leave you. Remember there is good and bad in all teachings (dissapears slowly) 

Leia returns to normal. Luke turns at her.

Luke: Gee sis, and all this time I thought you were just a spoiled princess! But I was the last of the Jedi who could possibly be your jedi teacher?

Leai: Who do you think? (looks over to statue of Yoda. Yoda flashes green and smiles)    


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