Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Book - Foundational Principles of Cognitive Cybernetics

I've been stumbling with this one. It's my first serious book. I want something that will change the world. It's no small task.

What is cognitive cybernetics? And what are foundational principles? It attacks what must be the basis for developing synthetic thought, real thinking intelligent machines. 

I got so mad reading Kurzweils childish pathetic attempt to understand all this that I just had to throw my gauntlet down in the ring.

In the meantime, "Poems for College Curmudgeons" will be coming out soon. A more light hearted affair. But this book, this big book sometimes I crumple into a paper ball just thinking of the hugeness and difficulty. I worry it will be a decade to complete but somehow it needs doing now. Onward.

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