Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Are They Executives?

OK I've been a Vice president, a CEO, a CTO and similar ilk for countless companies for over a decade. I could refer to myself as "A Software Executive" but other than my resume I don't. My current title on linkedin is "freefloating curmudgeon". But more and more I see people who work in sales calling themselves executives. I think one of the bachelors on that tv show did this.

I'm sorry but "Ad Executive" does not mean "Executive" that's a misreading of the term which is more along the case of to execute not C-Level person in a company but they misuse it all the same.

Or time and time again I see people who were directors call themselves "executives" and I'm like HUH? No sorry, a director traditionally is NOT an executive.

Then there's the senior consultant at a big company who describes their title as " Senior Consultant (VP)". Uhm no! NO! you aren't a VP because if you WERE a VP your title would be "Vice President of Senior Consulting".

This weird title inflation has to stop. What also has to stop is schmucks at Amazon belittle-ING people who ARE and WERE executives as somehow being nowhere people for a director role. Give me a break. People, get YOUR TITLES RIGHT! Someone who has been a VP and CEO and CTO for ten companies... THAT PERSON IS AN EXECUTIVE AND IS MORE THAN QUALIFIED FOR A DIRECTOR ROLE! GOT IT! 

If this keeps up I'll just become an Ad Executive and sell cheesy poofs all day and act all high and mighty. Hey, at least I'll still be an executive. And make more money it seems in our broken collapsed society.

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