Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Princess of MEI - Book 2 in the MEI Series - is now done!

Ugh. After a lot of sleepless nights I finally finished the second book in the MEI series. It's an amazing story and only 66 pages! I'm always shocked that Potter is 787 pages and says so little and is meant for fifth graders whereas my book is tiny, says so much, and is a mind opener for fifth graders, college students, college professors, and old men. My friend said "Gia you say more in ten pages than Rowling says in a 1000" it has me wondering how many real readers slogged through the 787 pages of the last harry potter book I certainly couldnt I got extremely bored and lost it even giving it five re-starts and couldn't make it. I am however a huge fan of the MOVIES and for getting the premiss there I do give J.K. Rowling five stars. Just don't ask me to actually read through one of her messes.

I think it works well as a kindle edition, its a easy bedtime read.. .and if your brain isn't spinning and you can sleep that is.

And most importantly our hero FINALLY has a name.

The second book does not stay strictly in the first person, instead it switches back and forth depending on the perspective. I don't think many books do that and it's an interesting technique. 

It covers the flower of life pattern etched into the hard granite floor at Abydos, secrets at the vatican, the early story of st. Peter and his key, the meaning in snowflakes, the precession cycle of the constellations and the zodiac and how they relate to the christian church, just so much.  So whereas the first book was so much about the journey to first awakening, the second book is a hold onto your hat jump into the true meaning of things, all the while against the backdrop of two horrific meanies GruuM and his brother whose name you can't even pronounce and is a horrific shadow.

My first readers say they immediatly went back and read the first book then the second book again so they could put it all together.

And I have this to say... be warned... the third book will have your tongue sticking out of your mouth the whole way through because it is going to be a shocker from every last page.

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