Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've Started the 2nd Book in the Kingdom Of Mei series!!!

Well the second book is called "The Princess of Mei" and after our hero returns to finish his last year of high school.... an entourage from MEI is sent to yell at him for failing to build the temple. We soon realize that MEI time and real world time are moving at different rates. A mysterious princess is accompanied by an even more elusive old monk. But before he meets them, he encounters 2 new transfer students to the school -Goldar and Thundruk - who reek of pure evil. They each have black icicles that vibrate and if you are touched with them its god aweful painful. But before they can fully subdue our hero (finally NAMED in this new book!) the princess grasps a cube around her neck - and the whole area vibrates and shakes apart stunning the evil duo. We learn that this new element - vibranium - is very rare and only three cubes exist. The hero is given one, and the princess and the monk hold the other two. They can cause slipstream time, or localized areas where time goes faster... which makes it possible to accomplish much more over a day.

The hero is tasked to building the temple and he goes up for the weekend on some land and when the princess and monk visit they are horrified to find that it is just a bunch of twigs nailed together. They send "the hero" back to finish out his school year and take on the task themselves, using the powers of the vibranium. When he arrives back after graduation.... his mouth hangs open shocked beyond belief by what his eyes see.

In the princess of Mei we learn there is a new generation of evil monks, who use the imperfect slag crystals of vibranium to torment humans and take control of human cities even countries. If the three crystals can be forged together... a triangle of pure vibranium crystal - powerful enough to shatter all the slag crystals and send the evil monks back into hiding - will be created.  But to do that, they must learn much more about the old buddhist ways and magic.

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