Friday, March 2, 2018

Bitter Electromagnet As Foundation Principle for Synthetic Muscles

The nylon twist coil heat activated synthetic muscle at first seemed promising. But ultimatly we could not get a reliable solution. They tended to break and fatigue, adding heat without melting the nylon was difficult. Braided carbon nanotubles was another solution but decades away in mass production as well as being too small.

So our synthetic muscle development is working on a principle which is used in Bitter electromagnets,which is a distributed helical coil field. This provides much of what we wish, a strong stable and efficient response to low voltage pulses.

Image result for Bitter electromagnet
The key aspect is how to manage contraction and retraction such that these can be durable for millions of pulses. But the unique Bitter design which is used in the worlds most powerful magnets, works just as well on the micro scale. As above so below ....

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