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Kurzweil the "father of AI" You've Got to be Kidding me!

A recent article

calls out Ray Kurzweil as the father of AI. What HOGWASH.

First, I own a K2000RS and had a K1200. I know mr. Ray quite well. He is if anything the father of the speaking reading machine for the blind and sample instrument synthesis. NOT AI.

Let's talk the real history.

The Dartmouth Conference of 1956 was organized by Marvin Minsky, John McCarthy and two senior scientists: Claude Shannon and Nathan Rochester of IBM. ... At the conference Newell and Simon debuted the "Logic Theorist" and McCarthy persuaded the attendees to accept "Artificial Intelligence" as the name of the field

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Marvin Minsky

Minsky is often the one I think of first when someone asks about founders of AI, and Turing pops to mind second simply because he did so much. 

Don't forget Kunihiko Fukishima's Cognitron who was so far ahead of his time its frightening, and a giant whose shoulders I stand on. 

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Dr. Fukushima

 or Edelman's Neural Darwinism. Giants both. They forged a lot of principles of Noonean Inc. 

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Dr. Gerald Edelman M.D.

What about Karl Pribram? Holographic Brain theory? 

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Karl Pribram

What about the first commercial AI - Expert Systems. Nope Ray wasn't there either

developed by Edward Feigenbaum and his students. Dendral, begun in 1965, identified compounds from spectrometer readings. MYCIN, developed in 1972, diagnosed infectious blood diseases. They demonstrated the feasibility of the approach

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Dr. Edward A. Feigenbaum

What about early neural networks? John Hopfield gave us those. His background was in molecular biology. Ray was mysteriously absent. 

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John Hopfield

What about the founder of semantic nets - Ross Quillian? And what about companies? IBM and Bolt Beranack and Newman (sp?) which was whispered quietly as I was a senior at Vassar as how brilliant they were and how hard their interviews were. I ended up starting with IBM Research. But I wished I were smart enough for BBN. 

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Ross Quillian

We ended up using Ross's work for enhancing search engines in 1996 and doing things miles ahead of the dummies at Google, but success isn't always about being the smartest. 

It seems the one big thing Kurzie did was write a rather poor book full of 30 year old research on AI, and then hire out of date hacks like Geoffry Hinton at Google. Lawd help us all.  Alright, Hinton is ok as a general theorist but he is hardly a pioneer and his Ted talk showed what I was studying in 1988!!!

Daniel Dennet led much of the work in symbolic representation in Cognitive science

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Daniel Dennett
Dennett is our great american cognitive philosopher and still alive and going strong. May you live another 100 years Daniel we are in debt!!!

David Rumelhart was a brilliant psychologist and thinker into the development of mind. Sadly he is no longer with us. 

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David Rumelhart

Roger Schrank a UT Austin alumn is still going strong as the CEO of Socratic Arts, a learning company. 

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Roger Schrank

We also have Terry Winograd from Stanford's HCI group. He pioneered much of the work in natural language processing

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Dr. Terry Winograd

Obviously an incomplete list. But I encourage to read and research these early pioneers and true fathers of AI. And hopefully as I am getting old and gray I will make the grade as well someday. These true fathers and founders, and 

As a aside, I am noted as the originator of the concept of the Neural Cube, a massive 3 dimensional self organizing structure of billions of neurons, as well as being a principal engineer in the early days of genetic programming. But I get few articles and I can't write my book without giving away too many secrets so.. that is on hold for now. But I will guarantee it will be light years past dim brain Kurzweils feeble mind. Is that harsh? Ray I love your chip wiring and early electronics, but a AI pioneer you were not. 

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